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1784 Visitation  

Transcribed from Norwich Diocesan Registry
held at Norwich Records Office (VIS/30) Box 1302
Questions to Incumbants on Visitation.

1.  The Parish is about 10 miles in circumference; and consists chiefly of Marshes and Water; contains 7 cottages and 1 small Farmer's House, and no family of note

2 - 4. None (No Papists, Dissenters or Quakers)

5. There are no persons who constantly absent themselves, but they can very seldom be prevailed to attend.

6. No house for a Vicar. (lived within 5 miles, i.e. Somerton)

7. Rev. M. Gerard of Waxham services the Parish for 10 gns.

8. Divine Service more than once a fortnight, exclusive of a sermon on Good Friday and Christmas Day.

9. I have instructed the children in the catechism whenever I could persuade them to attend, but for this 2 years past there have been none in the Parish that could attend.

11. Sacrament Easter, Whitsun, Michaelmas, Xmas; 3 communicants.

12. There is no school of any kind, but I have always been informed that the children of the Parish are entitled to their education at Sir Wm. Paston's Free School at North Walsham; my authority is only common report.

13/14. No school or charity. No collection or offertory.

16. I have heard that with the former minister, there was a dispute with a Mr. Manclarke, a principal proprietor of land, respecting the Tythes of Rape Seed, whether it was due to the Rector or the Vicar, but it was determined that the Tythe of Rape Seed was due to the Vicar. I compound with each Proprietor, but had the misfortune to lose £21 by Mr Manclarke's death last year - and I spent £10 to repair an old cottage belonging to the Vicarage.

17. It may not, I trust, be improper to acquaint your Lordship that this Parish is so surrounded with Sea and Marshes that its very dangerous to get wet. That I have three times narrowly escaped being drowned in trying to get there on a Sunday, from most terrible and wide Breaches in the Sea Banks, that without they are stopped they afford a very awful and very lamentable apprehension of Drowning. The greatest part of the Marsh estates belonging to the Abbey of St Benedict, and all the low land from this Place to the City of Norwich, and the Parishes of Trowse, Carrow, etc. are very much hurt by often neglecting their Lord's Day to attend Plunder and Shipwreck, Smuggling, etc.


Rev. Ivory

Curate of Somerton and Horsey


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