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1863 Auction Details  

The following is transcribed from "THE FIELD - the Country Gentleman's Newspaper" of Saturday 25th, 1863. One assumes that the Auction did not take place, as the RISING family continued to own the Estate for many more years.

NORFOLK - Valuable and extensive Estate, comprising 1670 acres in a ring-fence, and nearly an entire parish, with very attractive sporting advantages, the whole of the present value of 2500/- per annum, with the Advowson and Rectorial tithes.

Messrs. DANIEL SMITH, SON and OAKLEY are instructed to offer for SALE by AUCTION, at the Mart, at the end of the summer (unless previously disposed of by private contract, for which they are prepared to treat), the above valuable property known as the HORSEY ESTATE, forming, with very small exception, the whole parish of Horsey, situate about 10 1/2 miles from Yarmouth, 21 from Norwich, and 25 from Cromer, bounded on the north-east by the German Ocean. It comprises 1668a. 2r. 38p. lying in a ring-fence, and divided thus: 16a. 3r. 4p. Horsey Hall, a comfortable moderate-sized residence, containing dining-room, drawing-room, library, gentleman's room, ten bedrooms and offices, stabling, etc. with lawn, gardens, shrubberies and plantations, ,in hand: 1214a. a4p. of arable and marsh land, a large proportion of which is of excellent quality and produces heavy crops, and is divided into several convenient farms, with the usual farmhouses, premises, and cottages: 139a. 2r. 38p. Horsey Mere or lake, and various pieces of plantation and marsh land known as Rands surrounding it; 158a. 3r. 20p. of Breydon Marshes, producing a large annual return from reed, sedge and rushes, and affording first-rate snipe and other wild shooting; 139a. 1r. 2p of valuable rabbit warren adjoining the coast. The whole produces an annual income of about 2500/ This estate has many attractions for a gentleman fond of a country life and rural sports. Its advantages with regard to shooting and fishing are unequalled from its proximity to the coast, and from the fact that the Horsey Mere is the nearest piece of water to the sea; duck, snipe, woodcock, and other wild fowl of every description abound, including the rarest birds found in Great Britain. The mere is well stocked with fish, which are noted for their size and quality; it is also an important addition to the estate for yahting and boating, and as a means of cheap water carriage to Yarmouth, Norwich and other districts. The sporting and fishing on this estate are mentioned by Yarrell and other authors as first rate. The estate is nearly all freehold, and is a drainage district to itself, and is, with all parish business, under the sole control of the owner. The advowson and rectorial tithes form part of the property. the outgoings of all kinds are almost nominal. 

Further particulars may be had of Charles Cory, Esq, solicitor, great Yarmouth; of P.A. Hanrot, Esq., Solicitor, 9 Bedford Row, Holborn: and of Messrs Daniel Smith, Son, and Oakley, 10 Waterloo Place, Pall Mall.


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