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1929 Auction Details  

On Wednesday 12th July 1929,at 2.30pm,  the Horsey Estate went for Auction, at The London Auction Mart, 155 Queen Victoria Street, London, EC4, by order of The Right Honourable Baroness Lucas.

The Estate was purchased by Major Anthony BUXTON, whose family still live at the Hall

Described as an

"Attractive freehold Residential, Sporting and Agricultural Property, known as The Horsey Hall Estate.

  • THE RESIDENCE, containing Three reception rooms and hall, fifteen bed and dressing rooms arranged on two floors, three bathrooms.
  • HORSEY MERE, one of the far-famed Norfolk Broads presenting unique attractions to naturalists, bird lovers and sportsmen.

In all about 1726 acres.


The Horsey Hall Estate comprises one of the most attractive Sporting Properties in the Eastern Counties, shooting in the winter, in particular of woodcock, snipe, teal and duck, being a feature.

Horsey Mere, of about 120 acres in extent, is one of the most popular of the well-known Norfolk Broads, with it's yachting and boating during the summer months. The sea shore with it's far reaching beach is within fifteen minutes' walk of the house.

It is seldom that properties embracing both sea frontage and inland mere come onto the market. In this respect the Horsey Hall Estate is most exceptional.

Horsey Hall, in itself of moderate size, is comfortable and well-arranged. The gardens, natural in character, are extremely picturesque.

it is situated 3 miles from Martham, 12 miles from Great Yarmouth, and 20 miles from Norwich, the well-known market town of Acle being 9 miles away. London by road, 130 miles, with excellent train service to Norwich.

The farms are of convenient size, with each being included an area of the marshes, the arable being some of the best corn growing land in East Norfolk.

The Estate, lying within a ring fence, comprises practically the whole of the parish. It possesses it's own dyke drainage system which has recently been improved.

The Estate derives a steady income from the berthing of private yachts, etc. in the Staithe next to the public road and windmill, apart from the sale of reeds.

Church and postal facilities are within 5 minutes' walk of the house.

The special attention of naturalists and Bird Lovers is drawn to the following note:-

HORSEY MERE combined with BRAYDEN MARSHES and other parts of the estate are widely known as the home of MANY RARE SPECIES of WILD BIRD, many of which breed there, including the Montague Harrier, Marsh Harrier, Bittern, Bearded Tit, Water Rails, Grasshopper Warbler, and in recent years rare immigrants heve been seen including the Snowy owl, Red-footed Falcon, Sea-eagle, Osprey, etc. etc.

The Gardens at the Hall on occasions swarm with migrants which seek shelter and rest during the migration season.

In addition to these rare species the Mere itself is one of the best autumn and winter resorts of the Common Rochard and Tufted Duck, thousands at times resting here during the day, besides hundreds of Coots and other wild fowl.

The Coarse Fishing on the Mere is unusually good, Bream, Tench and Pike are all larger here than on the other Broads in the vicinity. There is an old saying "Horsey pike - none like".

It is claimed that Horsey Mere holds the largest pike in Norfolk today, up to 30lbs.

THE BRAYDEN MARSHES which are intercepted by dykes provide resting places for Mallard and Teal. Last year over 4,000 were seen here at a time and nearby four guns killed 150 ducks for the morning flight.

There is no doubt that at small cost these Marshes could be greatly improved so that over a thousand duck could be bagged in one season. this has not actually been the case during the past seasons as the wild fowl shooting has not been specialised in."


Horsey Photohistory

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