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Horsey Staithe 


Two cottages were on the Staithe. In one of these lived Mr PEGG, the waterman who used to take people out on to the Mere in the 1890's.

In 1910 the spark from a passing steam engine set fire to the thatch, and the cottages were destroyed.

On the site, a Community Store was established by Major BUXTON in 1934, so the villagers could sell their produce to the holiday makers arriving on the mere by boat. Only Horsey residents could buy shares (only 49 shareholders to ensure that the company could not become "public"), the profits from which were distributed to the shareholders. It is currently leased to the National Trust as a tearooms and souvenir shop.


Horsey Photohistory

A Genealogical CD, in PDF format so can be read by any computer, containing almost 200 high quality photographs, all from private sources, depicting the life and times of this idyllic Norfolk Broadland village.

Never-before-seen photographs of the Horsey Flood of 1938, together with people and events in village life, covering the past 120 years.

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