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Local Directories 


Here you will find transcripts of Local Directories, covering the development of Horsey, and the fortunes, or otherwise, of it's parishioners.
Many of the entries are very similar in general outline, but it is from these entries that we can see the extent of the land and the changes in ownership and tenancy of the estate.


A comprehensive range of Local Directories from around the U.K., and other Genealogical Aids, may be purchased from:


Horsey Photohistory

A Genealogical CD, in PDF format so can be read by any computer, containing almost 200 high quality photographs, all from private sources, depicting the life and times of this idyllic Norfolk Broadland village.

Never-before-seen photographs of the Horsey Flood of 1938, together with people and events in village life, covering the past 120 years.

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