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The RISING Family 


There were 7 children in the RISING family:

  • John - died in 1809 in prison in Arras. 
  • Robert, b. 1768; d. 1862, of Martham 
  • William of Somerton 
  • Tilney 
  • Thomas of Martham 
  • Mary 
  • Frances 

In 1803 Robert purchased the Horsey Estate from Sir G.B. Brograve and others, when it was of little value, being generally flooded. By repairing the sea-bank, draining the marshes, planting quickthorn hedges, and making a road to Somerton, he rendered it one of the most fertile estates in the county.

In 1800 Robert married Mary PRESTON (b.1776; d.1862), and had 4 children:

  • Robert, b.1802; d.1885 
  • William, b.1803; d.1805 
  • William, b.1807; d.1807 
  • John, b.1816; d.1817 

in 1830 Robert married Elizabeth PARISH (b.1807; d.1882) and had 6 children:

  • Mary Elizabeth (b.1831; d.1834) 
  • Emily Caroline (b.1833) 
  • Robert Arthur (b.1836) 
  • Edward Cartwright (b.1840; d.1851) 
  • Capt. Charles Compton (b.1841; d.1913) who married Catherine Ursula REYNARD (b.1847; d.1890) 
  • Thomas Alfred (b.1843) 

Capt Charles Compton Rising married Catherine Ursula Reynard of Sunderlandwick Yorks in December Quarter,1874 at St George Hanover Square, London.
They had one son:
 Francis Simon Rising (b.1878; d. 1940).

Catherine died 8th December 1890 at Horsey. There is a Commemoration stained glass window to her memory, in Horsey Church. 

Not long after the death of his wife, Capt CC took up with Ellen, the wife of Jonathon Gedge, the Millman. She was born Ellen Seymour in Littler Munden, Herts 20th Jan 1859 and married John Gedge at Horsey 23rd March 1880, John and Ellen had two sons, both born at Horsey, Frederick, and George his brother.

Captain CC, paid Jonathon Gedge a sum of money, this in 1891-2, and then took Ellen and her two sons away with him. They lived in Norwich for a time where two children were born, Frank Rising ,and Helen Rising They then all moved to Stradbroke, Suffolk,where a farm was purchased (Seymours Farm). Here two more children were born: Robert, who was registered Seymour b 1896,and Elizabeth registered Rising b 1899.
It was from this place that Frank Rising (Capt first child to Ellen) and Ellens' two sons to J Gedge now known as Seymour , (Ellens maiden name) were entered into Framlingham College as boarders.

In 1907 Capt CC was living with Ellen and family at Withipole St Ipswich. It was in Ipswich in 1913 that he died.
Sometime in 1914, Ellen ,who had not actually married Capt Rising, moved to Ontario Canada with all her children except one, Frederick - he remained in Ipswich. Ellen, when she went out to Canada, took along Capt Risings ashes, He lays alongside her in Culross Cemetery, Ontario.

The illegitimate descendants of Captain CC are still well and truly kicking along in Canada. 

With thanks to Tony Seymour's contribution to Capt. CC's later life

Francis Simon RISING was born in Sept. Qtr 1878 at Peterborough.

He married Undine Monica M. DIXON (b. 1874 d. 1947) in Sept Qtr, 1898  at St George Hanover Square, London. (In Sept Qtr, 1904, Undine remarried using the name of Rising)

In Jun Qtr 1916 he married Ruby Eveline JENKINS (b. 1887. d. 1959) at Chelsea, London.

He died Sept, Qtr, 1940 at Bath, Somerset.

Having no offspring, this was the end of the legitimate line of this branch of the RISING family.



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